Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congratulations, former field assistants!

Three of my fabulous field assistants have been accepted to graduate school, and have exciting research plans!

Emily "Little Chair" Stulik will be pursuing a Masters in Biology at Indiana-Purdue University to study herpetology with Dr. Bruce Kingsbury. She plans to focus her research on either Massasauga rattlesnakes in Michigan or river turtles in Indiana.

Anna "Fondles Poo" Kordek will be pursuing a Masters in Anthropology at Northern Illinois University with Dr. Leila Porter. Anna plans to study captive bonobo endocrinology, and hopes to eventually study bonobos in the field as well.

Lindsay "One Feather" Mahovetz will be entering the Psychology program at Georgia State University to study ape cognition with Dr. Bill Hopkins.  She plans to study great apes at the Language Research Center, Yerkes Primate Center, and Zoo Atlanta.

Congratulations, ladies!  "Sings with Monkeys" is very proud and excited about your future research endeavors! Of course, I am slightly disappointed that none of you are planning to study spider monkeys, but...  I'm also envious of Anna, because I too have dreams of studying captive bonobos at some point!   And hopefully someday you will all get to return to El Zota to see how our beautiful monkeys are doing!

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